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C-Qing 3 in 1 Luxury Baby Stroller with Car Seat High Landscape Pram for Newborns Travel System Baby Trolley Walker Foldable Carriage,D

Product Features:

    Cart:Applicable age: 0-3 years oldOff the ground: 60 cmSleeping blue from the ground: 55 cmPutter height: 85-116cm (multiple adjustable)Vehicle size: 61x96x117cmNet weight: about 10.7kgFolding size: 52x29x89cmGross weight: about 13kgTips: Manual measurement, the data may have positive and negative 1-2cm error, please forgive me!cradle:Applicable age: 0-15 monthsBasket width: 30cmThe length…
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Product Description

Applicable age: 0-3 years old
Off the ground: 60 cm
Sleeping blue from the ground: 55 cm
Putter height: 85-116cm (multiple adjustable)
Vehicle size: 61x96x117cm
Net weight: about 10.7kg
Folding size: 52x29x89cm
Gross weight: about 13kg

Tips: Manual measurement, the data may have positive and negative 1-2cm error, please forgive me!

Applicable age: 0-15 months
Basket width: 30cm
The length of the arc in the basket: 70cm
Use function: basket, cradle, car seat, with frame can be used as a stroller.
Basket size: 64x45x57cm
Net weight: about 3.3kg

Product Features

  • Wooden seat sleeping basket: The newborn is at a critical stage of bone development and is soft and sensitive to external influences. Lying on the deformed membrane for a long time can cause severe deformation of the spine. It is necessary to use a wooden lining that does not deform! …
  • Versatile and practical: together for a car: stroller, basket, cradle, car seat, cradle for baby cradle.
  • High Landscape trolley for children: high seat height, shock absorption by suspension, health of the baby trip guaranteed ….
  • Sit down, lie flat, light up flat and turn it on: when you’re tired, just sleep (cradle in motion), do what you want, adjust the button on the back …
  • 10 stainless steel bearings: push and steer, slippery, very smooth, quiet, rubber wheels, large, bunny-free, airless, explosion-proof and anti-knock. Wear-resistant, slip-resistant, shock-absorbing, easy to handle all kinds of road conditions, flexibility