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NaNa Baby Stroller 2 in 1 + New Born nest Baby Trolley Folding Baby Stroller car pram,9

Product Features:

    Baby Stroller 2 in 1 + new born nest baby trolley Folding Baby Stroller car pram Load Bearing: 25kgAge Range: 13-18MAge Range: 2-3YAge Range: 4-6MAge Range: 7-9MAge Range: 19-24MAge Range: 10-12MAge Range: 0-3MIs Foldable: YesCertification: 3C3C: Certificate numberFrame Material: Aluminum AlloyStroller type: 2 in 1 strollerStroller weight: 5.8kgSleeping basket:…
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Product Description

Baby Stroller 2 in 1 + new born nest baby trolley Folding Baby Stroller car pram

Load Bearing: 25kg
Age Range: 13-18M
Age Range: 2-3Y
Age Range: 4-6M
Age Range: 7-9M
Age Range: 19-24M
Age Range: 10-12M
Age Range: 0-3M
Is Foldable: Yes
Certification: 3C
3C: Certificate number
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Stroller type: 2 in 1 stroller
Stroller weight: 5.8kg
Sleeping basket: 1.2kg
Load Bearing: 25kg
Age Range: 0-36 months
Is Foldable: yes

The stroller is a children’s toy tool cart. There are various models. In general, children between the ages of one and two are playing a stroller. For people over 2 years old, there is a toy car with wheels. The stroller will bring certain benefits to the child’s intellectual development and increase the child’s brain development. The stroller is the baby’s favorite walking car and a must-have for the mother to take the children to the streets. However, depending on the growth and use of the baby, the stroller can be divided into several types. Mainly based on the standard weight, the general test standard is 9 to 15 kg. A typical stroller can be used for about four to five years.


Product Features

  • * The baby can lie flat in the car, even if the baby is asleep, don’t worry.
  • * Seat built-in spring shock absorption design. The seat is in direct contact with the baby and the impact of the tire on the bumpy road condition is not sufficient. Therefore, the damper is mounted on the seat, and the built-in spring damper greatly reduces the light vibration and ensures the safety of the baby.
  • *The front wheel features a built-in spring suspension design. Using automotive shock absorber technology, springs are used to reduce the bumpy impact of the road surface, and built-in springs help prevent corrosion.
  • * Wind and rain awnings are one of the conditions for strollers. The size of the awning is related to the range of the sunshade and the role of wind protection.
  • *The stroller can be flexibly folded for easy driving. Easy to carry, flexible travel, flexible folding.